Luxury Face Mist 100 ml – Nuex Rosli


DESCRIPTION : “You don’t need ice anymore! the cooling and hydrating effects are driven from peppermint extract that is perfect for prepping the skin and minimising the open pores before applying any makeup! Enrinched with vitamin C and honey bee venom that treat any skin condition even for acne-prone to sensitive skin level. NR also combined both pitera and aloe vera extract for better skin celss renewel with sufficient hydration. Use it before, while and after makeup for better long-lasting and fresh finish. NR use it at anytime of the day when in need of extra freshness on my own skin!” – Nuex Rosli

DIRECTION: Spray evenly at least six inches from face and avoid contact with eyes. Use anytime, after cleansing, before moisturizing, while and after doing makeup for better blending and long lasting effects.

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